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Kosmos Lanterns

Kosmos Lanterns for elegant home decorations and desk-top light.
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Kosmos Patronne


This is a Patronne lamp with the standard Kosmos burner and chimney. It has a height of just under 19 inches with a 24 ounce fount capacity (about 13 hours). It has an average of a 14 candle power output. Available in solid brass, copper, and a patina finish. (Brass shown)


Kosmos Concierge


The Concierge lamp is a very stable lantern with its low center of gravity. It stands about 15 inches tall and has a 12 ounce fount capacity (about 6 hours). Built in, it has a convienient carry handle, with a slot for a wall mount-type setup. Comes in solid brass, copper and with a patina finish. (Brass shown)