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Dietz Lanterns

Kosmos Lantern

Here at Victory Wicks, we specialize in Dietz kerosene lanterns. These lanterns can be used around the house, outdoors on the patio, out in the woods, or anywhere else you need light. These wind-proof lanterns will give you light no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Kosmos Lanterns

Kosmos Lantern

Kosmos lanterns are an elegant addition to any desk-top. These lanterns provide a sense of old time charm and a sense of sophistication to any home.

Candle Lanterns

Candle Lantern

Here at Victory Wicks, we have started to sell candle lanterns from Industrial Revolution. With nothing needed other than a dripless candle (included with each lantern, extras sold on the parts page), you can be ready for whenever the lights happen to go out.

Camping Accessories

Camping Accessory

New to the store, we now offer a line of camping accessories. Long burning matches, sporks, and other items will help you get through your next camping trip happy.